Latest Projects

  1. I am currently completing my PhD thesis on the histories of animal geographies and the making of modern health in the Philippines during the late colonial years (pre-War period). This project has taken me to several archives around the world including Spain, U.S., the Philippines, and Hong Kong. The entire program is funded by the Postgraduate Scholarship of the University of Hong Kong, Louis Cha Postgraduate Research Grant, and the Early Career Research Fund for the Humanities.
  2. Concurrently, I am working on equine medicine in sports with Kerstin Weich (Medical University of Vienna and the University of Vienna). Through the use of historical cases, we are developing an ethical framework for the use of equine medicine in racehorses.
  3. A research notes and blogs website for HKU PG Students is in the works. I am part of a team of PG students under the History Department who conceptualizes and builds the content for the publication of current research and thoughts about current issues.